Namaste Wild

We began as strangers in the woods, more or less. Upon arrival we awkwardly met around the fire. Upon departure there were hugs, tears and future plans. What transpired between 20 individuals over four days I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t experienced it myself. I am not sure if my abs are sore from all the yoga, hiking and spontaneous belly dancing or from all of the laughter. I walk away inspired, humbled, changed and eager to plan more of what I believe can only make this world a better place through connection, kindness, awareness and cause. This will not be the last, but it will always be the first. I feel like the luckiest teacher and friend in the world right now.”
— Holly Fiske @upsidedownmama

Meet your teacher

Hi guys! My name is Holly Fiske but some might know me better as upsidedownmama. I have been sharing bits and pieces of my home practice, outdoor adventures and personality with the world via social media for almost five years. What started as a way to stay inspired when my children were babies and I was at home with them full time has grown into a passion, career and lifestyle.

I am obsessed with the wild, the outdoors and living our fullest most adventurous life. I want to savor every moment and never look at a clock wanting time to pass. Time is precious and life is an experience for all of the senses. At the same time we need to take care of that which we love and we need to sustain that which sustains us. Selfishly I want myself, friends and family to create a life that would be a page turner but unselfishly I want to give back to the planet that provides us with the ability to make those moments and memories.

There is so much that I love about the asana practice, but the yoga element to me is our experience with this planet, our community and a family created from a village. Being a part of this bigger picture and truly appreciating what it has to offer will make us better inhabitants and more protective of our home - this planet.

Everything comes down to balance and intention. Meditation is as necessary as connecting outwardly. Moments of silence are as important as laughter. Breath is balanced and is automatic but we practice it with intention to sustain the body and keep the heart beating. Food and water is necessary for health and quality of functioning but food is also an adventure and sensual experience. This is a really general explanation of the balance and intention I believe makes life a more quality and truly living experience.

We wanted to create a retreat that incorporated all of these aspects of yoga, movement, adventure, experience and connection. Our retreats are not just a yoga retreat, they are life retreats and our goal is to create positive change for everyone at the retreat and to positively be changed by each person as well.


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Meet your camp counselor

Oh hey! My name is Nicole Rosen. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Fur-mama. Lover of adventures, the environment, and all things wild & wilderness. Visually taking in the vast and immense beauty of the outdoors is always inspiring, but immersing myself in epic scenery is something incomparable and makes me feel that electric sensation of being alive. Whether I am on the beach, in the forest, or on a mountain top, I am always in my happy place when I am placed in nature.

Bringing people together to connect with others and the outdoors, & hopefully reconnect to aspects of themselves along the way, as a “Camp Counselor for Awesome Adults” is not a job description, it is a passion and a privilege. 

I have always been fascinated by people. Witnessing the similarities and differences between personalities, cultures, and perspectives is both interesting and inspiring. I love celebrating our unique differences, because they make all of us and our world more colorful and amazing. I also love getting glimpses of our many similarities, because I believe that our innate desires and fears are essentially the same. At our core, humanity is truly more similar than we are different. The fact that we all share the same roots but flower and grow into our own individual people is one of the reasons that I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories so much. 

Being born and raised in Hawaii has given me a unique appreciation for the beauty and power of nature. The vibrant pigments and people of island life have instilled a love and admiration for color and culture that propels me forward in everything that I do.

I strongly believe that it is our duty as visitors to this planet to protect & nurture our two homes: this earth and our bodies. Being out in nature nourishes my soul. It only makes sense to nourish my body with the same innately intelligent creation that is Nature. My adoration for color and creativity often comes to life through my food. I love to play around in the kitchen, often with goodies from my garden, and create simple and fun colorful and nutritious meals for myself, my boyfriend, and yes… my dog, too! Food should be both fuel and flavor, so I am passionate about coming up with fun ways to incorporate both into my plant-based meals. I am constantly learning and studying different facets of the nutrition and wellness world. As a student of life, I never want to stop learning. 

We wanted to create a community where all of our values and passions could dance together.  It is about movement, friendship, the wilderness, invigorating all of our senses. growth, learning, and lifting each other up together as we journey side by side. 

Gonzaga University, 2013 - Creative Writing & Psychology

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Right Hand Woman:

Our first ever yogadventure retreat surpassed all of my expectations and hopes. I am so inspired by everyone who joined us - for letting their guards down and making connections so quickly, for being open and adventurous, for being hilarious and kind, for all that they are and all that they do... It is honestly mind-blowing how quickly relationships can form and how much more alike we all are than we are different.

It is not time or distance that dictates our growth, connections, and adventures... it is our dedication to the present moment and our curiosity, acceptance, and openness to ourselves, those around us, and whatever challenge/adventure is right in front of us.
— Nicole Rosen @nicolebynature_